Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Homework 8

Story: A lazy scientist doesn't want to do his laundry so he creates a device that gives inanimate objects sentience. He uses this device to bring his washing machine, Washy, to life in order for it to do the laundry for him. Someone then steals the device, and uses it to bring terror to the city. It's up to Washy to save the day.

Mechanics: The player plays in a third person view. The player can move about the map, and attack enemies. We were going to have turn based combat, but we have decided to get rid of that idea since it's too time consuming. Now, we will have a game like Super Mario 64, where the player fights the enemies in a large stage. The player has a double jump feature and a sud-blast feature that "shotguns" enemies in front of thee player.
Tech: It's on PC, using the mouse and keyboard.

Art: Blender and Photoshop will be used to make the models and textures that will be used in our game. The enemies will be clothing.

The player is vulnerable to the enemies and hazards on the stage. Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. There will be a number of enemies, each different than the last.

Interest Curve
Keep the player engaged throughout the game by increasing difficulty level by level. We will introduce new enemies to keep things fresh.

Emergent Properties
By ensuring that the mechanics are solid enough, we want the player to be able to try and beat the levels as fast as possible. Dealing with different enemies will also have to be a dynamic thing.

By incorporating fast paced game play and fun stages, we want the player engaged in our game.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Homework 6: Analyze two games


1.      The Tetrad:

o   Aesthetics – I think the aesthetics of this game are really incredible. The attention to detail really makes sure that you are immersed in the game world. The sound design is also a large part of it; the buzzes of the lasers and the thumps of boxes falling on the floor seem appropriate and realistic enough.

o   Story – The storyline of portal is really interesting because it takes place in a dystopian earth future where you are basically a lab rat who is supposed to complete challenges and solve puzzles. When you accomplish these things, you are never rewarded but are always promised cake. The character you play as – Chell – never speaks but is always reprimanded by the A.I. robot that controls everything, GLaDOS. She tries to kill you many times and says mean things constantly but you still grow to love her as a character.

o   Mechanics – The mechanics in the game are interesting because the game is mostly physics based. If you jump off of a platform into a portal, then you will come out of the other portal going the same speed and distance that you jumped in from. This can be used to travel great distances and fly through the air if you have placed your portals in the correct areas.

o   Technology – The technology you have in this game is the portal gun, which can construct two portals at a time. You also have metal attachments to your legs that don’t do anything, but the developers put them there because during testing, people didn’t understand why there wasn’t fall damage. There are also lasers that you can sometimes change the direction of or turn on and off.

2.     Balance

o   The puzzles are balanced albeit sometimes difficult. As the game goes on, they become harder to complete as they should. The game seems so simple until it seems impossible, but there’s always a solution to each puzzle. The game is pretty short but the difficulty progression seems natural.

3.      Emergent properties

o   In this game, there is most of a full button layout as each portal can be shot distinct buttons, there is a jumping mechanism, the ability to pick up/hold items, and a jumping mechanism. As the game goes on, a few of these are unlocked and there are more and different things to interact with. This allows for more complex puzzles to be used in future puzzles.

4.     Interest curves

o   I think this game has a relatively standard interest curve. You start out in this chamber with a toilet and a bed and then you get released so immediately your interest is piqued. Then you run through the first few easy puzzles until you get the portal gun, which lets you do something amazing. Since your robot overlord seems mean, you are compelled to try to escape the facility. The game only ever seems to get boring when you get stuck for hours, which is understandable or if you just don’t understand the concept but that is a different issue. When you finally get to the boss fight, you are so pumped because there’s a timer and you have to defeat the almighty GLaDOS. The game ends after this fight because you are both killed in a giant explosion. (This ending was later changed so there could be a second portal game.)

5.      Explain the reasons you like or dislike the game and relate this to Game Design issues. 

o   This is definitely one of my favorite games. Even though it’s relatively simple and once you solve the puzzles, you know how the work, I have come back to replay this game and its sequel multiple times. It provides a lot of nostalgia and the game holds up well even though it’s been a few years since it was produced. The story is fun and develops well; you never know what the next thing GLaDOS will say is and you want to hear it because it’s fun to get yelled at by a robot. The art is simplistic and bleak, but that’s part of the appeal. After all, it is a testing facility.

Candy Crush

1.      The Tetrad

o   Aesthetics – The aesthetics of the game are colorful and they immediately get your attention with all of the flashy combos and things flying across the screen, but they are repetitive and annoying after a while. I guess this could also be described as a puzzle game, but it is just like Bejeweled and is comprised of switching one tile with the one next to it and causing a set of three to disappear.

o   Story – There is no clear story line to my knowledge. I think you are just trying to clear these boards and get to the next level…forever.

o   Mechanics – The mechanics are very simple and have been done before. If a set of three or more is matched, then those blocks disappear and the ones above take their places. This can be done strategically but there is also a large amount of luck in this game.

o   Technology – Since I can’t identify the story, I also can’t really identify when or where this game takes place or what technology there is. I do know that there is chocolate that can bud out of another piece of chocolate and jelly that can entrap pieces of candy.

2.     Balance

o   This game halfway balanced; sometimes the levels seam to clearly become steadily slightly harder over time but then I hear about people being stuck on levels for weeks or months before completing them, which is ridiculous.

3.      Emergent properties

o   There are no apparent problems with emergent properties because what the game does, it does well and people seem to like it. I think all emergent properties are done intentionally and there are no bugs that I know of that haven’t already been patched.

4.     Interest curves

o   This is where the game really lacks for me; I can play a couple levels but then get bored because it’s the same thing over and over and over hundreds of times and that just isn’t fun to me. The repetition and lack of story line are the reason there is no interest curve for me.

5.      Explain the reasons you like or dislike the game and relate this to Game Design issues. 

o   Initially, this game is interesting and you pick it up because it is so popular and everyone has it but being a real gamer, this game just didn’t make the cut for me. I found it boring relatively quickly.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I made a Blueprint in Unreal!

So this is my blueprint that allows an object to rotate. This is my first attempt at making any kind of blueprint in Unreal because I am not the mechanics person on the team so I really had no knowledge of how it worked. When the object actually started to rotate, it was an amazing feeling because I felt like all of the gibberish and buttons I threw together not only made something happen, but they did what I wanted them to do so that was pretty cool. Below is proof that my blueprint actually worked and made this oval shape rotate while the game was being played.

I made this by following tutorials on youtube and I'm not exactly sure what each of the pills is responsible for individually (like the make rot pill) but it all worked out in the end.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Laundry Day Development 1 Video

This is a basic video that explains what our game is and what we have accomplished so far. It's great because we finally have something mildly playable and it's amazing to design something and to have it be part of the game. I hope we all come together and accomplish our goal of making a fun, playable, and original 3d platformer game.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Games I Like

The game on top, Portal 2, is one of my absolute favorite games. It is a compelling puzzle game with characters that you love even though they're trying to kill you or imbeciles. This game expanded greatly from the first portal, which didn't have so much to offer besides the basic play-through. I appreciate Portal 2 because not only is it fun, but it's also very difficult to complete some of the puzzles or find some Easter eggs. The second game, Borderlands 2 is just a super fun game with cray guns and abilities and character dialogue. It is a game with great replay value and it is still so fun even though I've beaten it a couple times. I like that you can play it anyway you want, from being a "Gunzerker" and charging into a group of psychos to being a sniper that never goes into battle and picks off enemies one by one. Both of these games are just fantastic and I hope I can eventually make a game that is even half as entertaining as these masterpieces.

Images I've Created

These are both images that I have created in Adobe Photoshop. The first one is one of my favorite bands (Daft Punk) and the second one is one of my favorite animals (Turtle), which just so happens to be breathing fire and looking very fancy.

Homework 1 Test Video